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The city of Wilmington is in the process of becoming a truly awesome city - a place where entrepreneurs, artists, educators, and businesses create incredible things.

Since October of 2011, the citizens, business community, arts community, Wilmington City Officials, and others have been engaged in improving the parking and parking enforcement issues in the city of Wilmington.

Huge progress has been made and the direction we are going as a community is extremely positive!

This blog chronicles the efforts of all who helped make this happen...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still waiting for that FOIA request...

On November 11, 2011, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the city of Wilmington - asking for the following information:

1. The Number of parking tickets issued in Wilmington between January of 2010 and October of 2011
2. The number of parking tickets that were appealed during that time
3. The number of appeals that were successful

On the form is written the following:
The City's Rules of Public Access to Records require acknowledgment of a written request within fifteen (15) business days. Acknowledgment means:
I. Production of the requested documentsII. Denial of the request with stated reasons therefore; orIII Notification that an extension is needed and a statement about the time period in which the responses will be made.

On December 5, (14 business days after filing) - I received an e-mail stating they were working on getting the information I requested (but no statement about the time period).

On December 8, I called the law department to follow up and see if I could get a time period - no time period was offered, and the attorney said they were having difficulty getting the information because the numbers I was asking for were kept in various departments and they don't really keep track of successful appeals.

On December 13 (20 business days after filing), I get an e-mail saying the law department has the information and would be getting it to me ASAP.

On December 15, I called the law department to ask if it would be easier to e-mail me the information and was told "No, you'll get it in the mail."

It's now December 20 (25 business days past filing) - still waiting...

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