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Since October of 2011, the citizens, business community, arts community, Wilmington City Officials, and others have been engaged in improving the parking and parking enforcement issues in the city of Wilmington.

Huge progress has been made and the direction we are going as a community is extremely positive!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From a student living in Wilmington:

Over the course of last year and already this year i have gotten a ridiculous amount of parking tickets. I couldnt understand what was going on, i live in between 5th and 4th on Shipley street. Now i went down to the place to get my parking pass 3 days before school started so i would be prepared for the upcoming school year. When i got there i specifically requested the teller to print me a map of the Student Parking (which apparently is a part of a residential pass, which no one at the parking place ever told me) so i could make sure i could park in front of my apartment. When i go the map i was extremely excited that i could park in front of my apartment door so me and my art school roommates wouldnt get mugged or raped trying to get to my parked car over on west or tatnall.. considering there are over 25 registered sex offenders on that street.. coincidentally where you guys were trying to make us park last year. however that issue has been fixed. My current issue is that the map i had requested to be printed from the teller turned out to be an expired map. i only figured this out because i got at least 2-3 parking tickets in the same spot i park in EVERYDAY. Apparently the current map doesnt include shipley anymore. All the street signs EXCEPT the one in front of my apartment door (mid way down shipley up to 5th st) say "Residential Parking Pass not permitted". Two things, why is a student parking pass considered a residential parking pass? and Why are the idiotic and poorly trained WPA giving me tickets in a sector of shipley that DOES NOT have a sign saying i cant park there? When i called the parking place about why i'm getting tickets and they keep saying that you still need to feed the meters. Can you tell me how in what state of mind of any consciousness at all would it make a lick of sense for me to spend $100 for 6 months (which by the way is ALSO ridiculous. we are art students, we dont make a lot of money and we spend most of it on art supplies. Spending $200 dollars on 2 parking passes for the year is stupid. We are here for 8 months.. thats it 8, not 12. There NEEDS to be some sort of student parking pass for DCAD students some sort of in between so we dont have to waste those extra dollars when we dont even live in this horrid city. In case you didnt know, DCAD is the only thing is damn 'city' that brings any art and peace of mind to this disgusting pervert-filled place. Whomever decided the parking rules concerning the student parking is a true imbecile.

Basically my point in this rant is the WPA needs to be trained to look in both approved spots for the parking pass before trying to give any of us tickets and also to look up for once and check the sign to see that there is no "residential parking pass not permitted" signs, cause where i park, theres not. Another things is, if the tellers are going to give someone a map, make sure they give them the RIGHT one.

NOTE: The city says this issue has been resolved

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  1. The city government is however, kind to itself. Look around the city-county building and over a two block area you will find many parking spaces reserved for city cars, including special parking for the MAYOR and City Councilpersons.
    It is a planned inconvenience for anyone to do business at the city offices.
    There is a garage parking under the building, where city cars should have their reserved area. BUT NO, they would rather people use and pay for those spaces.
    Here is an Idea, arrange for parking spaces across the street at the hotel parking lot, that is OPEN 24 HOURS a day with security.
    Too smart of an IDEA for our city leaders?
    A lifelong CITY resident.