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The city of Wilmington is in the process of becoming a truly awesome city - a place where entrepreneurs, artists, educators, and businesses create incredible things.

Since October of 2011, the citizens, business community, arts community, Wilmington City Officials, and others have been engaged in improving the parking and parking enforcement issues in the city of Wilmington.

Huge progress has been made and the direction we are going as a community is extremely positive!

This blog chronicles the efforts of all who helped make this happen...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From another resident:

I live in LOMA on the 200 block of N. Market, so I have a residential parking permit area X. In the past 6wks I received two parking tickets for exceeding the 2hr time limit in two separate locations in the past 6wks. I have my sticker on the correct area of my car according to the City regulations. I have lived here since May 2011.

Parking ticket #1: Parked on the 200 block of N. Orange St near Del Tech in an area designated with my parking sticker- $40.
Parking ticket #2: Parked on the 200 block of Shipley St behind Zaika, Extreme Pizza, etc in an area designated with my parking sticker- $40.

I have appealed both tickets and have received a positive response on one so far. What is surprising is that the City of Wilmington has a $40 ticket for the same violation that costs people in Philly $26. I applaud the City in that they have responded in a timely manner and that I can appeal the violation via mail (instead of having to appear in court in Philly), but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Funny how things work :) Have you heard from anyone else?

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